Sisterhood for Peace

Dear All,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the work we have been doing to support grassroots education, peace-building and human rights work in Darfur. Thanks to you we managed to raise $6000.00 to benefit schools and community centers in three displacement camps surrounding Nyala town. The money has arrived safely in the hands of a trusted friend and activist who will be distributing it to community leaders and documenting the impact the resources will make on the ground.

In addition, two weeks ago marked the second annual summit of Sudanese women activists from across the diaspora working to build peace in our country. Over 45 women from all over Sudan living in the diaspora mostly the United States and Canada attended the four day summit which focused on building action plans including growing our network, doing effective advocacy for peace and influencing the upcoming round of peace negotiations around Darfur in Doha, Qatar. The organization hosting the summit or gathering is called Sisterhood for Peace.

We broke up into several working groups over the four days to lay out our action plans. I am currently working with a group which has drafted an urgent call for peace on behalf of Sudanese women in the diaspora to be presented by delegates at the next round of peace talks, urging the key players to include women in the ongoing peace process not simply as members of civil society on the sidelines but as representatives of displaced communities in and outside Sudan at the main negotiation table. While many of us have been very skeptical of previous attempts at negotiating peace we feel the need to make our voices heard rather than remaining silent during this process.

The statement we have drafted urges the main players to come to a final agreement in order to pave the way for sustainable peace in the region and to end the suffering of Darfurians. I will be posting the statement here tomorrow and asking people to add their signature to it.

Thank you for your continued support. Look out for the update.

In peace and gratitude,



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