Thank you from Nyala…

A few weeks ago our fabulous GK youth at LIC High School put on a Talent Show to benefit youth their age in Nyala, Darfur. They raised about $900 which along with some donations from our wonderful staff at Global Kids was used to inaugurate Music and Calligraphy classes for Darfurian youth through the local organization Tawasul. The funds were used to purchase instruments for the classes. At the inauguration the youth wrote a beautiful banner thanking our youth at Long Island City High School. Please check the pictures. They are of the inauguration ceremony.



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5 responses to “Thank you from Nyala…

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  4. Eddie Mandhry

    This is brilliant. Love the banner with the message of thanks.

  5. Shana Turner

    i love this. it is so awesome and i feel so great that these kids connected to each other….and the banner was so dope!

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