The Flip cameras are here…

A little over a week ago I asked you to donate to help us raise money to buy flip cameras to be delivered to three popular education theater and music groups in Nyala, Darfur: Astigha Al Tufula, Al Mashish and Tawasul Arts Group. While they arrived shortly after our contact left, the cameras are here!!!! There are two more women activists leaving for Darfur next month so they will be delivering them to these groups. The youth groups in Nyala will be using these cameras to document their performances, perspectives and opinions to share with wider audiences including our youth at Long Island City High School in Queens. We raised money for six cameras and ordered two extra ones on our own. Each of the groups will receive two cameras and the seventh will be donated to the community leadership council in Kalma camp, who in collaboration with an underground radio station are documenting human rights violations, perspectives and stories from within the displacement camps. We have donated our final extra camera to a very similar project in Haiti LAHAF (Lend a Hand and Foot to those on the ground in Haiti). Besides working on rebuilding a rehabilitation clinic with the Association of Haitian Physicians abroad, LAHAF aims to document the voices and perspectives of Haitians on the ground.

We are excited that thanks to you, we are able to support young people in Darfur to share their important stories and perspectives with the world. Your generosity has been amazing. I will share updates once the cameras arrive at their destination.

In deep gratitude,



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