Message from children in Nyala, Darfur

Last month we held our annual Global Kids youth conference at Baruch College, which brings together over 600 High School youth, educators and activists. The theme for this year’s conference was Children’s Rights. Our youth at Long Island City High School asked youth in Nyala to tell us what they would say if they were to attend our conference. In response, the popular education groups we’ve been communicating with got a group of children affiliated with their groups together, to discuss what message they would like to send to us and our 600+ audience that day, relating to their rights as children. Here is what they had to say (see below). Now, they want you to respond to their messages. Feel free to comment below or send us an email at which we will pass on to them. (The camera’s date is incorrect so please ignore, these pictures were sent to us in April of 2010 Also feel free to edit the translation.)

Here the children are workshoping what they are going to say

Their message: "“In order to build a healthy and humane society our participation and our voices are necessary.”

“We have the right to access education and health care. We also have the right to benefit from development, play and freedom of movement.”



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3 responses to “Message from children in Nyala, Darfur

  1. Shana Turner

    Thanks to this youth group in Nyala for taking the time to work together to express their views of what rights they are entitled to as God’s children. The rights that they agreed were the priorities to express, speak for all children in the world! This group of beautiful young people are an inspiration to both children and adults to SUPPORT young people in having the space to think through their needs and then to LISTEN when they express those needs! Thank you for your hard work!!

  2. Sinethemba Hope Magona

    Greetings from Azania (RSA)

    I’m very humbled by the beautiful things you are doing for the children in Darfur, may you be blessed.

    I have a community non-profit organisation here in South Africa called Ithemba likaNtu, we are still to develop a web-presence, I will keep you abreast.

    Much love and Infinite Blessings!

    • Stories From Darfur

      Dear sister,
      Thank you so much for your support and solidarity. I would love to hear more about what you are doing in Azania. We must build a strong solidarity network across the continent and I would love to be supportive of you.
      In solidarity,

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