Sudan Freedom Walk…

October 1st, 2010

This is a Plea to People of South Sudan about the rally of Sudan Freedom Walk.

Our brother Simon Aban is currently, as I am writing this plea to all of my brothers and sisters from the South Sudan, is walking through heat and rain from New York to Washington DC to express the importance of the referendum that will take place in the coming few days.

Time is ticking away and it seems that we, Southerners, are sitting on the side walk with our arms folded, watching it passing as if it’s a good suspense movie.  As we are calling around people to attend the rally and the welcome of brother Aban to District of Colombia on October 7th, 2010, we continually hear the voice and echo of reluctance of coming out because it’s a working day.  People who are not Sudanese are taking that day off to show their support to us.  If they can do it so can we.  If we really want this referendum to take place on the time allotted with no delays or excuses, we must have the “Yes we can attitude”.

So come on my people, we cannot, and will not let others determine and decide things for us.  Let us show Brother Simon that his sacrifice was not in vain.  Let us go out in big numbers so that the world can see us, as people who are united and determine to decide our own destiny.  One day out of your work will not harm your job or career, but abstaining will create an everlasting negative effect that will plague us for an eternity.  It will only confirm that nasty propaganda that we cannot commit, or that we are people who cannot govern ourselves.  Let us not add more spicy ingredients to an already cooked pot that will definitely spoil our appetite and surely give us unnecessary stomach ache.

One day only and we will deliver a strong message that will resonate around the world for centuries.  This is a historical event that will affect generations and generations to come.  Let us all play a role on it and be part of it instead of being a bystander and an observer.

Brother Aban cannot do it alone.  He needs our support and our voice.

So let’s do it.

Natalina Malwal

Secretary General

Southern Sudanese Community


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