If I was President of Sudan by a 13 year old girl…


This was posted on a list serv I am on and I had to share because she really breaks things down in a language that is not even her own:

English Language

Speech Competition

“If I was the president of Sudan”

By Salam Kamal Hidayatalla


(13yr old Sudanese girl)

Sudan is the largest country in Africa, its characteristic is a two way sword it’s a blessing to have all this diversity in culture and vast areas which can be regarded as a wealth but it also acted as a curse because it has been at war with itself for more than three-quarters of its modern existence. It also has many health problems like dirtiness of water, scarcity of food and lack of money. I came here to share with you my thoughts and ideas about the major issues and how I can improve them if I was the president of Sudan.

The first issue is Darfur, the suffering there is terrible and needs a cure, look how many children died from hunger and how many lost their families. After 2 months the southern people will decide if they want to continue in the united Sudan or they want to separate. Let’s say they decided to separate will you feel good and that you no longer have a south? I don’t think so.

The second is Human rights, the government ruling Sudan is selfish all they care about is money, and all the money they get from the citizens is used by them, yes they did some helpful things but they are not more helpful that what we really need. Whenever you want to say something or fight for something that’s yours you are either jailed or ignored.

The third is development, Sudan has a potential of being the world food basket just like Brazil nowadays, but because the government priorities agriculture was destroyed together with the industries that were supporting, e.g. the Jazziera Agriculture Scheme and so all the related industries suffered.

The forth is the improper distribution of power and wealth whereby its concentrated in the central part of Sudan and now it is in the hands of a very minute fraction of people, where the rest of the Sudanese people are seriously marginalized.

In conclusion I would say if I became the president of Sudan I would attentively listen to people to identify their needs and priorities then with the help of community representives and experts I will set a plan of action, for all this to work I will secure the right for people to express their thoughts and allow them to criticise my plans, so I can know if I am going on the right track or not. My purpose of all this is to make the Sudan appealing to all its citizens, they all feel equal they all have a say and they are all actively involved in its development. This would full-fill our ancestor’s aspiration for the country they sacrificed their lives for or a country which we will all be proud to belong to, a country that contributes to prove the legend of humanity.    قال اللة تعالى: (ولقد كرمنا بنى ادم ) صدق اللة العظيم.   Thank You.


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