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Karima-Where Have You Been?

If you are in the NYC area please come out to our play Karima-Where Have You Been? which opened tonight and is playing October 28th and 29th @8 pm at the WOW Cafe Theater 59 East 4th Street, 4th floor! The play is set in Jamaica and Sudan. We are a group of people from or interested in Sudan, who wanted to bring you a slice of what Sudan is like, from our perspectives. I guarantee you will be entertained….see details below.


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University Students in Eastern Sudan in Need of Medical Assistance

Urgent Press Release: Girifna movement


Kassala University Students in Need of Urgent Medical Assistance Following Clash with Regime

Khartoum—(October 23, 2011) On October 20, and for the third consecutive day, students in Kassala University protested the academic, economic and political situation in the country. They were met with excessive violence from the regime including live ammunition and tear gas. The worse came when a car (government Land Cruiser) ran over 8 students critically injuring four students, two of them are in urgent need of medical attention. The students are:

1. Abdulqadir Mohamed Adam (physics department): this student has been transported to Khartoum for medical attention.
2. Idrees Mohemed Ali (department of education): has suffered a fracture in his spinal cord and is grave danger. His critical situation has made it impossible to transport him by car to Khartoum due to the condition of the roads. He needs a helicopter in order to be transported to a Khartoum hospital.
3. Abdul al salam Osman Naseeb (department of economics): he has been released from hospital and his situation is stable after being treated from injuries.
4. Ahmed Hamid Qardiya (computer science department): has also been released from hospital and his situation is stable after being treated from injuries.

We call upon all humanitarian organizations and upon the Sudanese diaspora abroad to urgently mobilize efforts to get these students, who sacrificed their safety and lives to call for a life of dignity for all Sudanese, the necessary medical care they deserve and as soon as possible. As well as to publicize the atrocities and human rights violations committed against these civilians by the National Congress Party (NCP).

Moreover, there has been arrests of activists in Kassala and continued persecution of others by the NCP.

For media inquiries please contact us at:

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Commentary piece on Land Grabs

Dear Friends,

Please check out a recent article I wrote summarizing and contextualizing
some of the excellent research that has been done on land grabs in South
Sudan by the Oakland Institute and the Norwegian People’s Aid Report by David Deng . Its a short commentary piece.
I would love your thoughts on the issue or commentary.

Here is the link:

Here is a link to a condensed version of the article on Okayplayer Africa:

Also check out an interesting report on land grabs in Tanzania:

Thank you so much!

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In commemoration of Columbus…reflections on land grabs in South Sudan

As the United States celebrates Columbus Day and the legacy of one of the biggest land grabs in history, another massive land grab is unfolding on the African continent,mired in secrecy and spearheaded by hedge funds, financial speculators and foreign companies. Southern Sudan has simply become one of the latest investment frontiers for foreign investors, prompted in large part by its newly found independence.

More reflections coming soon on why foreign investors are scrambling for land in South Sudan. In the meantime, check out this excellent report by the Oakland Institute on Land deals in South Sudan. 

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Into Egypt…

I recently had the honor of participating in an artistic project created by the beautiful and brilliant Palestinian-American poet Suheir Hammad and directed by the wonderfully creative Director Waleed Zaiter. The visual rendition of Suheir’s poem speaks to the courage and resilience not just of the Egyptians, who took to the streets to demand change but to that of all of our brothers and sisters on the continent, who day in and day out risk their lives and livelihoods to fight for a better tomorrow and future for their children and children’s children. Into Egypt makes me think of the Safia Ishaq’s, Mohamed Bouazizi’s and Ken Saro-wiwa’s of this world and of the resilience and courage of their loved ones and allies as well…

Check it out here….

love and courage

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Sudanese activists brutally assaulted and raped by National Security Personnel

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Celebrate by supporting Southern Sudanese grassroots efforts!

Dear All,

As Southern Sudanese people celebrate their impending self-determination and sovereignty a big task lies ahead to develop a country devastated by decades of war. Tackling issues of access to safe water and education are going to be key in this process. In celebration of this historic moment and to show your solidarity with the people of Southern Sudan please consider supporting the following two efforts with links to the Sudanese diaspora in the United States.

1. Water for Sudan an agency founded by Salva Dut which builds wells and helps people get access to safe drinking water throughout Southern Sudan.

2. Kunyuk School for Girls and the Women’s Peace School in Southern Sudan are providing 500+ girls with a free education and 200 women with adult literacy classes respectively. You can support them by making a donation today here:

Thank you,


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